Orthodontics for Children

Dr. JC sticks to the guidelines from The American Association of Orthodontists and recommends your child's first orthodontic check-up by age seven. Your child's teeth have developed enough by this age for Dr. JC to spot problems with teeth and jaw growth.

Kids Should Get an Orthodontic Check-Up By 7

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You might wonder why it's necessary at such a young age. Early evaluation is crucial because it allows us to identify potential orthodontic issues and address them before they become more complex.

At seven years old, many of your child's permanent teeth are starting to come in. This is an important stage in their dental development, and it's the best time for Dr. JC to assess their bite and jaw alignment.

By examining your child's teeth and jaw at this age, we can detect any early signs of misalignment, overcrowding, or other orthodontic problems that may be developing.

One of the significant advantages of having an early orthodontic check-up is that some orthodontic issues are much easier to treat when caught early.

Dr. JC may recommend early intervention treatments to guide the growth of your child's jaw and create more space for their permanent teeth. This can prevent more serious problems from arising later on and may even reduce the need for extensive orthodontic treatment.

Early orthodontic evaluations can positively impact your child's overall oral health and self-esteem. By addressing potential issues, Dr. JC can help your child get a healthier and more confident smile as they grow up. Early intervention can also improve jaw development and speech and chewing abilities.

An orthodontic check-up at age seven doesn't necessarily mean your child will need braces right away. It's an essential preventive measure that allows us to create a personalized treatment plan based on their unique needs.

Build a Foundation for Lifelong Smiles

Orthodontic care improves your child's dental health and sets the stage for a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Here's how orthodontics can benefit your child.

Early Intervention

Early orthodontic evaluations allow us to detect and address issues before they start. Identifying developing problems means we can be proactive in guiding your child's teeth and jaw growth to give them a great smile.

Correcting Bite Issues

Orthodontic treatment can correct bite problems like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. By addressing these issues early on, Dr. JC can help your child get a perfect smile and reduce the risk of future dental issues.

Creating Space

If your child has crowded or overlapping teeth, orthodontic treatment can create space for permanent teeth to erupt. This gives them a better chance for proper alignment and healthier smiles.

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If your child has a dental issue, Dr. JC can correct it while your child is still developing. Schedule a free consultation at our Washington, DC, office to give your child a head start on healthy smiles.